Ron Rossnick

Seasoned Real Estate Expert at your service!

I have owned several businesses including a technology consulting company servicing fortune 1000 clients in Manhattan and Northern NJ. I purchased my first home, in Upper Montclair at age 26 with money I saved from working and stock market investing since a teen-ager. Since I have owned property in several states. I purchased a Hudson County apartment building in 2008 along with a commercial laundromat. I have personal experience owning property I purchased from a Short Sale. I have co-owned an Aveda Lifestyle Hair Salon in Midtown Manhattan. My knowledge includes many facets of owning a small business.

I have expertise in investment owning property using retirement money with an IRA or Roth-IRA which offer incredible tax benefits, yet allows you to operate your property as any other business.

My years of business experience along with my NJ Real Estate license allow me to serve you best when you are ready to purchase or sell property. Call, email or text me and I would be happy to personally meet you!

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